Become A Mentor

Why Become a Mentor? Being a mentor for the Abdelkader Global Leadership Prize Essay and Poster Contests is a commitment to global education. Participation in the contests can be a plus on students’ college and job applications, and winners receive financial awards.

Who can be a mentor? A mentor is an educator/professor, education administrator, librarian, or someone who is an experienced and trusted adviser to students. Mentors should be aligned with an educational institution or non-profit organization. A mentor can be named by more than one student applying fort the prizes.

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Introduce the contests to students, then follow-up with top students to encourage participation by offering to be their mentor.
  2. Assist when needed to make this the best educational experience for students.
  3. Although the student must take responsibility for sign-up and entry submission, the mentor will be included on all correspondence between AEP and the student.

About the Contests. The Essay and Poster Contests are structured to be independent learning opportunities that award good scholarship. Learn more at About the Contests.

HIGH SCHOOL CONTESTS. The Essay and Poster Contests are relevant to current events, cultural diversity, civics, statesmanship, civility, social studies, social justice, history, geography, human geography, civic engagement, and other related subject areas.

The contest opportunities are perfectly suited for AP, Talented and Gifted, and History Day projects, as well as “project-based learning” activities drawing on English, language arts, and fine arts.

COLLEGE CONTESTS. Subject areas in addition to those listed above include ethical leadership, political science, interfaith, Islamic Studies, conflict resolution, and other related areas.