As an educator, you can demonstrate your commitment to global education by becoming involved with the Abdelkader Global Leadership Prize (AGLP) essay contest. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders and investing in their education is crucial for understanding our global society. You can mentor students participating in the essay contest and attend our annual Abdelkader Education Project Forum held in Elkader, Iowa.

As a mentor, you will advise the student and guide as needed when the essay is written outside the classroom. When the essay is written within the classroom, the biography Commander of the Faithful: The Life and Times of Emir Abdelkader by John W. Kiser, lends itself well to discussion. The book can be segmented into portions to read then discuss.

The AGLP essay contest is relevant to current events, cultural diversity, civics, statesmanship, social studies, history, geography, and other related subject areas. The essay opportunity is perfectly suited for AP, Talented and Gifted, and History Day projects as well as “project-based learning” activities drawing in English, language arts, and fine arts within the school. Outside the school, the essays can be adapted for 4-H, scouting and other civic awards projects.

At the university level, the subject areas in addition to those listed above broaden to include ethical leadership, political science, interfaith, conflict resolution, and other related subject areas.

The Abdelkader Education Project (AEP) promotes cultural literacy while reviving important lost history with relevance for today. Through “person-to-person diplomacy,” the AEP Forum is a unique opportunity to discover the unusual and exciting ways in which our own personal, local, and even national history is deeply intertwined across cultures, continents, and centuries.

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