Mission, Vision and Values

The Abdelkader Education Project promotes cultural literacy, civility, and understanding while reviving important lost history with relevance for today. The multi-faceted life of Emir Abdelkader, a widely acclaimed 19th century Arab statesman, humanitarian, warrior, religious scholar, and ethical leader, is the vehicle for the global education project.

Bob Spielbauer

Emir Abdelkader's strong moral character has had the most effect on my life. Reading about his life has helped me come to see Muslims in a whole new light, and I only wish that I could show others my new perspective as well.

Bob Spielbauer
2011 Elkader High School essay winner
Class of 1915

… Such is the history of the man for whom our town is named. A scholar, a philosopher, a lover of liberty; a champion of his religion, a born leader of men, a great soldier; a capable administrator, a persuasive orator; a chivalrous opponent; the selection was well made, and with those pioneers of seventy years ago, we do honor The Shiek.

Class of 1915
Elkader (Iowa) High School
Brandon Jenning

What the Abdelkader Education Project offers is much more than an essay prize. It offers students a chance to engage with a narrative of history not often discussed in Western classrooms, and one that is crucial to develop a comprehension of the many variegated ways that the "West" intersects with the "East" and vice-versa. Especially today – in a time where mistrust, ignorance, and violence abounds – Emir Abdelkader’s legacy provides a useful model for how global relationships might be...

Brandon Jenning
2012 Essay Winner

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