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The Abdelkader Education Project (AEP)

champions Emir Abdelkader as a global icon of religious and ethical leadership. Partnering with individuals and organizations to create educational resources, AEP offers materials suitable for many classrooms, including in military, religious, and civic organizations. The 2019 Abdelkader Prize for Educators is now open.


Islamic Networks Group

Emir Abdelkader: A Muslim Hero for our Time


Method: Five Lesson plans with digital presentations

Details: Lesson analyses, discussion and test questions, links to films with accompanying discussion guides.

  1. 1. Introduction to an Interactive Curriculum
  2. 2. Lesson One: Abd el-Kader’s Formative Years
  3. 3. Lesson Two: Commander of the Faithful
  4. 4. Lesson Three: Captivity in France
  5. 5. Lesson Four: Faith in Action
  6. 6. Lesson Five: Abd el-Kader’s Legacy


Harvard Pluralism Project

Case Study Program


Method: Four brief cases studies

Details: An historical case study about Abdelkader plus three contemporary stories that serve as companion cases. Case A ends with tension around a risky, life-threatening decision, allowing participants to identify with the protagonist’s possible courses of action. Case B describes the actual, real-life outcomes.

Harvard Pluralism Case Studies:

  1. 1. In the Shadow of the Sword/Rumors in Damascus: Emir Abdelkader and Ethical Leadership
  2. 2. Portrait of Cedar Rapids and America’s Mother Mosque
  3. 3. A Young Imam(A); A Young Imam(B)
  4. 4. The House on 6th Street (A); The House on 6th Street(B)


Foundations of a Civil Society:

Exploring Cultural and Religious Diversity


Method: C3 framework

Details: Abdelkader curricula by Iowa educators, Marcia Powell, Karla Duff, and Patricia Lehmann includes tasks, sources, and assessments.


The Abdelkader Stage Project


Method: Theater vignettes

Details: Thirteen theatre vignettes depicting a rich array of characters beginning in 1808 ranging from the Ottoman Regency of Algiers to France and Damascus, up to current day Elkader, Iowa, USA.


  1. Formative Years: Childhood and Education
  2. Colonial War in Regency of Algiers, 1830-1847
  3. Prisoner-in-Exile, France
  4. Heroism in Damascus, 1860
  5. French View of Emir Abdelkader
  6. Legacy


Embodying the Nation:

George Washington, Abdelkader, and Gandhi


Method: Document-Based Questions (DBQ)

Details: Barbara Petzen, director of training initiatives at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, created this 10-page curriculum using historical primary sources such as news articles, letters, and essays.


Five biographical sketches in the spirit of Abdelkader


Method: Four one-page biographies and one video clip

Details: Adapted from One Islam, Many Muslim Worlds by Raymond William Baker (Oxford, 2015), Joseph Montville sketches four contemporary profiles of people who exemplify the spirit of Abdelkader.

The fifth profile includes a video clip from the award-winning “Secret Life of Muslims” series by Seftel Productions: New York Police Department story of Imam Khalid Latif.


Since 2009, the Abdelkader Education Project has held the Abdelkader Global Leadership Prize for high school and college students across the U.S., awarding over 60 student prizes.

This year, we are piloting a new prize:

The 2019 Abdelkader Prize for Educators for Middle School, High School Teachers, College and University Faculty.

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For Inquiries about Abdelkader Education Resources, please contact:

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Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations Merrimack College, North Andover, MA

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