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Islamic Horizons Jan-Feb Cover

Emir Abdelkader featured in Islamic Horizons Magazine – January 2019

The newest issue of Islamic Horizons Magazine (Jan-Feb 2019) devotes several articles about The Emir, including “Emir Abdelkader: A Hero for Humanity.” See pages 20-27 for articles about Elkader (Iowa), and Commander of the Faithful… as added value for educators. Read More

The Abd El-Kader Education Project

The Abd El-Kader Education Project – Radio Algerie International – 11/17/2017

In the United States, in Iowa, the Abd El-Kader Education Project, AEP, is growing a worldwide movement to revive the legacy of the Algerian warrior, scholar and statesman Emir Abdelkader. Read More

Study Today’s Heroes, Become Tomorrow’s Champions

Study Today’s Heroes, Become Tomorrow’s Champions – – 10/10/2017

As a frequenter of conferences and forums, I can confidently say that not many possess the breadth of knowledge and inspiration of Abdelkader Education Project’s (AEP) 2017 Forum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Centered on Emir Abdelkader, a brave 19th century Algerian war hero, this forum united people from across the country and all walks of life to discuss reviving Abdelkader’s legacies of compassion, morality and intellect, all of which have earned him honor across the world–from the recognition of Abraham Lincoln to the support of nations like France. Read More

Elkader Iowa Inspires Project That Builds Bridges and Cultural Understanding

Elkader Iowa Inspires Project That Builds Bridges and Cultural Understanding – God’s Work, Our Blog – 09-21-2017

You wouldn’t think of Elkader, Iowa as a center for fostering interfaith dialogue and a better understanding of Islam. And yet, in 1845 its founder, land developer Timothy Davis decided to name the town after Abd el-Kader, a religious and military leader who led the fight for Algerian independence. Read More

Abdelkader Education Project hosts forum in Cedar Rapids

Abdelkader Education Project hosts forum in Cedar Rapids –The Gazette (Cedar Rapids) – 09/14/2017

This weekend, speakers from the worlds of national security; education; and Muslim, Christian and civic leadership will gather in Cedar Rapids to discuss the many meanings of jihad as reflected in the life of Emir Abdelkader, after whom the Clayton County town of Elkader was named in 1846. Read More

A Muslim Healer For Our Time

A Muslim Healer For Our Time – The Washington Institute for Imporving the Quality of Middle Eastern Policy – 03/07/2017

As a British military officer and former diplomatic representative in Damascus to the Ottoman Empire, Churchill finally found the opportunity to record first-hand the extraordinary life struggle of Emir Abdelkader al- Jazairy (the Algerian) who was living in exile under watchful French eyes. Read More

A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan wars: We must protect our Muslim allies

A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan wars: We must protect our Muslim allies – The Seattle Times – 02/03/2017

Like many new American veterans, I owe my life to Muslims — the Iraqi and Afghan comrades who fought alongside me during my multiple combat tours as a Green Beret. Read More

Small American Town, Big Algerian Legacy

Small American Town, Big Algerian Legacy – Aramco World – 01/01/2017

Until last year, 17-year-old Victoria Miller admits she would have had to search online to learn where Algeria is, let alone describe the exploits of one of its most famous heroes. Read More

Why the Iowa City Named After a Muslim Hero Matters Today

Why the Iowa City Named After a Muslim Hero Matters Today – – 12/24/2015

Among those renowned Algerians is Emir Abdelkader al-Jaza’iri. If you’re ever driving through Clayton County, Iowa, you might pass through the city of Elkader, which was named in honor of the brave Algerian who led the fight for Algerian independence and protected non-Muslims from persecution. Read More

Student Essay Contest

Student Essay Contests…$5,500 In Scholarship Awards – – 04/15/2016

High school and college students, including exchange students, are invited to write an essay that recalls the notable legacy of Emir Abdelkader, an Algerian Muslim statesman, ethical leader and humanitarian. Students will learn important history – from Algeria to Syria – relevant for today and compete for scholarship awards and honors. Abdelkader Global Leadership Prize essays are due April 15th. Read More

A good muslim christmas story

A Good Muslim Christmas Story – – 12/01/2015

This Christmas season America and the rest of the non-Muslim world is wrestling with the Big Question. Is the ISIS expression of the Islamic faith symptomatic, as some would like to believe, of a “violence gene” baked into their religion that should make us view all Muslims as ticking time bombs? Or, are followers of the Islamic tradition no different than those of all faiths and ideologies…populated by different kinds of believers who, depending on their circumstances and natural tendencies, can be peaceful or violent, forgiving or not, self-restrained or not? Read More

Elkader Fosters International and Interfaith Relationships

Elkader Fosters International and Interfaith Relationships – God’s Work, Our Blog – 10/01/2015

On Saturday, September 19, a remarkable event took place involving international relationships. For the sixth year, the Abdelkader Education Project held its international forum, “Why Emir Abd-el-Kader Matters in Today’s World”, which brought together education, business and culture. Read More

Clayton County Register

Making International Connections – – 10/07/2015

A Mexican-American high school student from Phoenix who studied last summer in Israel heard a phrase there that he hopes will never apply to Emir Abdelkader: “A soldier dies twice. Once on the battlefield and again when he is forgotten.” Read More

AEP Forum Poster

The Mouse That Roared… – – 09/01/2015

On September 18-19 Elkader (Iowa), home of the Abdelkader Education Project (AEP, Inc.), will host the sixth annual celebration of its namesake, Emir Abdelkader al Jazairy. Known as Algeria’s George Washington, the emir was a warrior, scholar, freedom fighter of the 19th century who was admired across the world. Even a local lawyer in Dubuque named his new settlement in the emir’s honor in 1846. This year, AEP will honor high school and college students from across the U.S. for their winning essays: Why Emir Abdelkader matters today. Read More

Munson: Tiny Iowa town combats Islamophobia –Des Moines Register/USA Today – 09/20/2015

Let me offer a humble Iowa antidote to the sad but familiar anti-Muslim flare-ups of the last week. Read More

El-Kader a model for Islam –The Gazette (Cedar Rapids) – 10/03/2013

In 1883, the New York Times confirmed el-Kader’s status: “The nobility of his character won him the admiration of the world (as) one of the few great men of the century.” Read More

Iowa Town Named for Muslim Hero Extols Tolerance – The New York Times – 05/03/2013

Amid an expanse of undulating farmland, deep in the steep valley carved by the Turkey River, the town of Elkader sits most of the year in remote obscurity. Population 1,200 and gradually shrinking, it is the seat of a county without a single traffic light. Read More

Jihadist doesn’t equal psychopath: Column – USA Today – 09/10/2013

What does a historical commemoration in Lyon, France, have in common with an essay contest in Elkader, Iowa? Answer: Emir Abd el-Kader. Read More

Town in America’s Heartland Honors World-Renowned Muslim Hero – Peace X Peace – 09/01/2010

Who could imagine that a small rural town in America’s heartland – Elkader, Iowa – would be remembering a 19th century world-renowned Muslim hero? Read More

Abd el-Kader and the Massacre of Damascus – – 07/13/2010

Christians and Muslims had lived side-by-side in the holy land for over a thousand years. Muslim armies had conquered modern-day Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt in the middle of the seventh century, and while the Muslims maintained full political authority, Christians and Jews were allowed to freely practice their religion. Read More

Iowa and Algeria Share a Hero – Peace X Peace 06/04/2009

From our good friend David Crumm at Read the Spirit comes a story in the spirit of President Obama’s June 4 address to the Muslim world. Historian John W. Kiser (center) wrote a book about a Muslim hero, Emir Abd el-Kader. High school students in Elkader, Iowa, read the book and wrote essays about its subject. Here are excerpts from two of the best. Read More