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Selected English Language Books on Emir Abdelkader & French Colonial Experience in Algeria:

Selected Readings on Islam and the Threat of Militant Islamism

Below are selected sources for 5 chapters contributed by John Kiser that appear in Religion, Terror and Error: American Foreign Policy and the Challenge of Spiritual Engagement by Douglas Johnston; Praeger Press, 2011.

  • Coram, Robert.* Boyd: The Fighter Pilot who Changed the Art of War. Boston: Back Bay Books, 2002.
  • Crooke, Alastair.* Resistance, The Essence of the Islamist Revolution. London: Pluto Press, 2009.
  • Delong-Bas, Natana. Wahhabi Islam. American University in Cairo Press, 2005.
  • Fuller, Graham.* A World Without Islam. Little Brown, 2010.
  • Hassan, Hathout.* Reading the Muslim Mind. American Trust Publishers, 1995.
  • Hamid, Abdelgadir. The Qur’an and Politics. Herndon: IIIT Press, 2004.
  • Hourani, Albert. Islam in European Thought. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991.
  • Johnston, Douglas.* Religion Terror and Error: American Foreign Policy and the Challenge of Spiritual Engagement. Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2011.
  • Kamali, Hashim. Freedom, Justice and Equality in Islam. Selangar, Malaysia: Ilmiah Publishers.
  • King, Alan. Twice Armed.* St Paul: Zenith Press, 2006.
  • Lawrence, Bruce. Messages to the World: Statements of Osama Bin Laden. London: Verso Press, 2005.
  • Lewis, Bernard. The Return of Islam ( especially impact of French Revolution).
  • Morris, Erol. The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara. Oscar winning documentary film, 2004.
  • Mortenson, Gregory.* Three Cups of Tea. New York: Viking Penguin 2006.
  • Oliveti, Vincenzo. Terror’s Source. Birmingham, UK: Amadeus Books, 2002.
  • Rauf, Faisal.* What is Right With Islam. San Francisco: Harper Collins, 2004.
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  • Shah-Kazemi, Reza. My Mercy Encompasses All ( the Koran’s Teachings on Compassion and Love). New York: Shoemaker and Hoard, 20007.
  • Shedinger, Robert. *Was Jesus a Muslim? Minneapolis, Fortress Press 2009.

Books and articles relating to “spiritual engagement”

  • Abdelkader. Ecrits Spirituels. Paris, Editions du Seuil, 1982. (btw- pure Merton in spirit; Merton also grew up in France, spoke fluent French).
  • Benedict, Ruth. The Chrysanthemum and the Sword. …. ( Gen McArthur as Model of Cultural Sensitivity) intelligent autocracy vs stupid democracy.
  • Chittister, Joan. “Old Vision for a New Age,” in A Monastic Vision for the 21 Century… (p97), special issue of the Cistercian Studies Quarterly.
  • De Chardin, Teilhard. The Phenomenon of Man.
  • El Hassan bin Talal. “The Global Economic Crisis and its Impact on Fragile States.” Caux Forum for Human Security, Caux Switzerland, 2009.
  • Jacques, Martin. “ We are Globalized, But Have No Real Intimacy with the Rest of the World.” The Guardian, April 17, 2006.
  • Jones, James W. Blood that Cries Out from the Earth: The Psychology of Religious Terrorism. New York: Oxford Press, 2008.
  • Johnston, Douglas.* “Why America Should ‘Serve’ as World Leader.” Brown Journal of World Affairs, Summer/ Fall 1998.
  • Jurgensmeyer, Mark. Global Rebellion: Religious Challenges to the Secular State. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2009.
  • Kiser, John.* “An Algerian Microcosm: Monks, Muslims and the Zeal of Bitterness.” Cistercian Studies Quarterly, 38.3, 2003.
  • Lean, Garth. Frank Buchman: A Life. London: Fount Paperbacks, 1988.
  • Merton, Thomas.* The Wisdom of the Desert. New York: New Directions Books, 1970. (thirtieth printing).
  • Spiritual Direction and Meditation. Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 1960.
  • Choosing to Love the World. Boulder Co : Sounds True Inc, 2008.
  • Nasr, Hossein. Man and Nature, The Spiritual Crisis of Modern Man. Chicago: ABC International Group Inc, 1997.
  • The Heart of Islam: Enduring Values for Humanity. New York: Harper One, 2004.
  • Reza Shah-Kazemi. From Spirituality of Jihad to the Ideology of Jihadism in Journal of Zaytuna, 2005.
  • Salatin, Joel.* Holy Cows and Hog Heaven. Swoop,Va: Polyface Inc, 2004.
  • Solzhenitzyn, Alexander*. “A World Split Apart.” Harvard commencment speech, 1978.
  • Thurman, Robert. Anger. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.
  • Vendley, William. “ The Recovery of Transcendence in Political Order: The Role of Multireligious Cooperation.” UNESCO speech, Paris, 2005.

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